Assembling Objects ASVAB Practice Test, Pt. 9

This is Part 10 of the ASVAB test. Part 10 covers Assembling Objects. You will have 16 minutes to answer 16 questions. When you are ready, click the “Start Test” button below.

About the ASVAB Assembling Objects Test

The military puts a high emphasis on being able to think quickly, use common sense and also lean on your prior academics. This section is part of both the computerized CAT version of the test as well as the manual portion of the test. Both tests are fifteen minutes long, but the Assembling Objects test has only 16 questions in the computerized version compared to 25 in the manual version.

Using our practice version of the Assembling Objects ASVAB test will help you practice your understanding visual space and quickly assess how objects fit together. Many questions on the Assembling Objects test are diagrams with questions asking how a set of shapes may fit together or where multiple points may be joined from various objects. If these questions don’t come easily for you, we suggest going through these ASVAB Assembling Objects¬†practice test questions often until you get a better feel for them.

Each Assembling Objects test question is a multiple choice question with one correct option among four possible answers.