ASVAB Test Dates

Many future ASVAB test takers want to know upcoming ASAB test dates and the location of where they can take the ASVAB to give themselves enough time to prepare for the ASVAB. Choosing a test date and location is an important first step for preparing for the ASVAB test.

The ASVAB test is given out many times throughout the course of a year by high school counselors and military recruiters and there is not a specific date the ASVAB test is given out on an annual basis. The test dates also typically can also vary based on geographic location as well as the military branch that you are pursuing.

For that reason it is best to check in with your high school counselor or military recruiter to find out when upcoming ASVAB test dates will be in your school or in your geographic area.

Choosing an ASVAB Test Date

While you may want to get the ASVAB over with, it is important to give yourself enough time to prepare and practice for the ASVAB. Once you take the test you will have to wait 30 days before you are eligible to re-take the test if you got a non-passing score, or if you want a better grade. After you retake the test twice, you will need to wait for a 6 month time period before being able to take the test again. For this reason it is important to pick a ASVAB test date that gives you plenty of time to practice and prepare for each section of the test.

If you are pressed for time, it may be worthwhile to look into future ASVAB test dates in order to plan ahead in case you get a poor score on your upcoming ASVAB test. You can check with your high school counselor or your military recruiter to make sure that you will be eligible to take future tests along with your planned upcoming test date in the event that you get a bad ASVAB score.

Getting Ready For Your Test Date

Now is also a good time to learn more about the specific sub-sections of the ASVAB test. You may be a pro at solving math problems, but if reading comprehension is not your forte it can bring down your overall ASVAB score, known specifically as your AFQT score.

We have practice tests from each of the ASVAB subsections, so use our practice tests as many times as you’d like to prepare for your upcoming ASVAB test date.

Once you have decided on a test date, it is important to register as early as possible. This will prevent any avoidable issues with test administrators needing enough time to make sure you are eligible to take the test.