How to Practice For the ASVAB Test

While the ASVAB may seem more difficult than other tests, the steps to preparing and passing the exam are exactly the same. If you feel nervous about the upcoming examination, take the time to do a practice test. The practice examination will give you a sense of how well you’ll do on the actual test, as well as give you a taste of what to expect.

If your score on the practice exam isn’t as high as you would like, evaluate the areas you did poorly in and practice those skills. For instance, if you didn’t do as well on the arithmetic reasoning section, there are mathematic practice tests you can take in order to improve your scores. If you did poorly on the word knowledge, make flashcards of the necessary vocabulary and practice them until the answers become second nature.

When you study for the ASVAB, do so in a quiet room with other people. A library is a good location for this. Don’t listen to music or have the television on in the background; because the test is administered in a quiet environment, you should study in a similar environment. The brain can best recall relevant information when the scenario is similar.
Take the time to study every day. By undergoing repetitious practice, you’ll hone in on the areas you’re weak in. Practice makes perfect, as the old adage goes. By studying each and every day, the brain has time to process and absorb the information, rather than just memorizing it.

After practicing for several weeks, take a second practice test. Your score should be much higher this time. If not, repeat the above steps until you reach the score you want. Because of the time investment required, it’s important to begin studying for the ASVAB well ahead of time. Don’t wait until the last minute to begin studying.

The ASVAB itself is on a sliding difficulty score. As you answer more questions correctly, you’re given increasingly difficult questions. If you answer a question wrong, the next question is slightly easier. Use the tried and true methods of answer evaluation; most are multiple choice, and you’ll likely be able to eliminate roughly half of the answers and increase your chance of getting it right.