Quick ASVAB Test

This is our own ASVAB Quick Test developed by our team of experts in test design.  This test will significantly challenge you both in terms of mental aptitude and time management.  You will have 7.5 minutes to answer 30 questions.  The questions will be drawn at random from all 9 sections of the standard ASVAB test.  This is not the format of the official ASVAB test.  However, if you want a taste of the ASVAB as well as a bit of a challenge, this is the test for you.  Click below to get started!

This quick ASVAB test is designed to give you a quick taste of what you will experience if you take either the enlistment version of the ASVAB test or the career exploration test. We’ll explain the differences between these tests.


The ASVAB Career Exploration Program is given at high schools, community colleges, job corps centers, and correctional facilities to allow people the opportunity to review their scores to see what their career options may be in the military. High schoolers in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades can take the ASVAB CEP and get the scores sent back to their schools where they can review their military options with a guidance counselor. These tests can be taken in pencil and paper or computer formats.

Enlistment ASVAB

The enlistment version of the test is solely used for recruiting at Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS). To take this version of the test an individual would need to schedule a time after meeting with a recruiter. If you want to take the Enlistment ASVAB but don’t live near a MEPS, they may also be taken at satellite Military Entrance Test (MET) locations.