Shop Information ASVAB Practice Test, Pt. 8

This is Part 8 of the ASVAB test. Part 8 covers Shop Information. You will have 6 minutes to answer 11 questions. When you are ready, click the “Start Test” button below.

About the ASVAB Shop Information Test

The ASVAB Shop Information test is only part of the computerized CAT version of the test. Like several of the other ASVAB subtests, the Shop Information test is not part of the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score. Each question in this section of the test is multiple choice with one correct answer out of the four possible options. The computerized version of the test has eleven questions to be answered in six minutes. The pencil and paper version of the ASVAB Shop Information test is 25  questions to be answered in 11 minutes.

To do well on this subtest applicants will need to have a knowledge of construction concepts, woodworking and metal working. This includes a knowledge of tools and how they are used as well as the proper procedure(s) for working with certain types of materials. There are a number of free shop information study guide resources on the internet that can assist you in learning more about these topics. Here are a couple that might be useful to get you started.

If you’re interested in seeing some sample ASVAB Shop Information practice questions, here are a couple of examples:

  • A ripsaw is used to make a cut through what type of board?
  • What is the name of a square headed screwdriver bit?

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