Arithmetic Reasoning ASVAB Practice Test, Pt. 2

This is Part 2 of the ASVAB test. Part 2 covers Arithmetic Reasoning. You will have 39 minutes to answer 16 questions. When you are ready, click the “Start Test” button below.

About the ASVAB Arithmetic Reasoning Test

How long is the Arithmetic Reasoning test? Depending on which version of the test you’ll be taking, the number of questions and your time limit will vary.

  • The CAT ASVAB (computerized version of the test)┬áhas 16 arithmetic reasoning questions which must be answered in 39 minutes
  • The old fashioned pencil and paper test has 30 questions which must be completed in 36 minutes

To succeed in these arithmetic reasoning questions it’s necessary to have a firm grasp on arithmetic concepts learned in high school. If you’re out of practice on your high school arithmetic reasoning skills, there are many good educational resources available for free on the web which can help you study and immerse yourself in concepts you’re not familiar with or necessary formulas you may have forgotten during your high school education. A few sites worth looking into if you need help with the concepts are and

The following arithmetic concepts are likely to be included within your question set, understanding how they are calculated and practical applications of these will be necessary to score well:

  • Percentages
  • Ratios & Proportions
  • Interest
  • Numbers (whole numbers, fractions, imaginary numbers, etc.)

Take the ASVAB practice test as often as you’d like to brush up on your skills. It is important to take practice tests as your ASVAB score will determine jobs and roles you will have within the military. If you’re interested in getting an idea of what the ASVAB Arithmetic Reasoning questions are like, here are some sample questions:

  • If a gun fires 88 rounds per minute, how many rounds would it fire in 45 minutes?
  • If a house is worth $125,000 and depreciates by 7.5% per year, how much is it worth in two years?

Each question in the arithmetic reasoning test has four multiple choice options with only one correct answer.