ASVAB Videos

If you’re a visual learner like myself you may enjoy watching videos to learn things instead of reading articles.
Our website hasn’t made any videos (yet) but we’ve found a number of great videos related to ASVAB preperation and test taking tips to improve your ASVAB score.

Some great advice for preparing for the ASVAB test. Organized in 3 steps.

Another great video on the experience of not getting a great score on the ASVAB test.

Some really good tips, tricks and pointers on how to get a better score on the ASVAB:

Both of the videos below were created by Jared Moser and I’d highly recommend subscribing to his Youtube Channel. He’s taken the ASVAB tests and knows some first hand ASVAB preperation and test taking pointers. His channel posts useful videos on a regular basis related to military topics including taking the ASVAB, the MEPS, basic training, and choosing the right military job.

Here is another great video highlighting an app that you can use on your phone for taking practice ASVAB tests.

We will continue to post more great videos related to the ASVAB on this page as we find them.