Get To Know The ASVAB Test Sections

If you’re looking to take the ASVAB test for the first time it’s a good idea to get familiar with the various ASVAB test sections so you know what you’re getting yourself into. We’ll offer a brief rundown on each of the sections to give you an idea of the subject matter covered in each section.

Before we get into the details of specific sections, however, let’s talk about the AFQT. What’s the AFQT? This is the Armed Forces Qualification Test. This is technically a subset of the broader ASVAB test and includes four of the sections – arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge, paragraph comprehension and mathematics knowledge. What’s important about these four sections is that they are looked at in isolation to decide whether an applicant is qualified for military duty. The rest of the sections are geared towards understanding an individual’s potential for various vocational tasks within the military.

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The ten sections of the test in order include:

  1. General Science. To do well in the general science section of the ASVAB test it will have paid to pay attention during biology and physics during school. Questions focus on technical science questions and test takers will face 16 questions to be finished in 8 minutes.
  2. Arithmetic Reasoning. The second section of the ASVAB is exactly what it sounds like, with 39 arithmetic word questions to be answered in 16 minutes.
  3. Word Knowledge. You may want to get familiar with a thesaurus if you intend to do well on the 16 word knowledge questions to be answered in eight 8 minutes. Questions focus on the individual’s ability to understand word meanings by having them match synonyms and antonyms.
  4. Paragraph Comprehension. As you might imagine, the military values members who can read, understand and follow along with written instructions. This section offers 11 written questions where the test taker is asked questions to gauge their understanding of numerous paragraphs in 22 minutes or less.
  5. Mathematics Knowledge. With 16 questions and only 20 minutes to answer them, the mathematics knowledge section is largely a review of mathematical concepts such as calculating interest and demonstrating an understanding of ratios.
  6. Electronics Information. This test can be quite difficult for applicants not familiar with electric circuits and electrical systems. The test is 8 minutes long and consists of 16 questions.
  7. Automotive Information. The military also puts a high priority on members who are mechanically inclined. As such, the automotive information section of the ASVAB assesses test takers’ knowledge of topics related to automobiles and automobile mechanics. The test is a mere 7 minutes long and consists of 11 questions.
  8. Shop Information. The shop information test is another relatively short test at only 6 minutes long and consisting of only 11 questions. This further assesses applicants’ mechanical inclination and knowledge asking questions pertaining to identifying types of tools as well as wood and metal working.
  9. Mechanical Comprehension. Test takers have 20 minutes to answer 16 questions in the mechanical comprehension section of the ASVAB. Questions focus on understanding mechanical concepts such as simple machines like levers as well as more complex mechanical systems.
  10. Assembling Objects. The focus of the assembling objects section of the ASVAB is to gauge an individual’s ability to quickly assess visual space and properly make decisions quickly based on their assessment. This section is 15 minutes long and contains 25 questions.

*Question and answer numbers are based on the CAT ASVAB test.