How Long Does the ASVAB Take?

As you prepare to enlist in the any branch of the military, you are required to take the ASVAB test.  The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test assess your skills and aptitudes and can be used to place you in the most relevant functional area of operations.

You may have several questions about the ASVAB.  This may include how to prepare for it, how many sections are there, how many questions, what types of questions are asked, and where do I take this exam?  A very typical question also is “how long does the test take?”

For purposes of this article, we are going to only address the time limits of the Computerized ASVAB test, or the CAT-ASVAB.  The duration of the ASVAB test can vary, depending on your ability to answer questions and progress through the exam.  However, each section of the exam does have specific time limits.  There are ten sections in total.  The time limits to take each section varies.  The shortest duration is the Shop Information section at 6 minutes and 11 questions.  The section with the longest time limit is the arithmetic reasoning section at 39 minutes and 16 questions.  Additionally, the Mathematics Knowledge and the Mechanical Comprehension section time limits are at 20 minutes each.

In total, the time limit for the entire Computerized ASVAB test is 2 hours and 34 minutes, spanning 145 questions. However, research shows that most ASVAB test takers do not need to use up the full allotted time limits per each section and move through at a typically faster pace.  On average, the ASVAB test is finished in about an hour and a half.