Marines ASVAB Practice Test

Take a sample Armed Services Vocation Aptitude Battery test for the Marines. Begin with part one of our Marines ASVAB sample test below:

Marines ASVAB Test, Pt. 1

After completing Part 1 take the rest of our ASVAB practice test sections. Get ready for your career with the Marines with the help of ASVAB Practice Test Online.

Marine ASVAB Score Requirements

Like the other branches of the military there are also minimum ASVAB scores for Marines. The United States Marine Corps – USMC has several minimum requirements based on information from the ASVAB test for those interested in enlisting.

High school graduates need to get a ASVAB score of 32 to “pass” the ASVAB. However those without a high school diploma but have a high school equivalency or GED must score a 50 to be able to enlist in the United States Marine Corps.

Many jobs within the Marines have ASVAB score requirements, so it is important to not only pass the ASVAB test but to do as well as you can.